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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have been taking our dog Pike to Three Sisters since he was 3 months old and Pike is now 7-1/2. There are so many positives at Three Sisters but the main one for us is that when we arrive to drop Pike off, Pike is wagging his tail and happy to go with Gina or Rachel and we know he will be safe and happy while we are gone. When we pick Pike up, Pike is wagging his tail and happy and ready to come home because he was so well taken care of while we were gone. The exceptional dog that Pike has become was influenced by the care given to him at Three Sisters. Pike has always loved people but he does not like other dogs and Gina and Rachel worked within Pike's comfort zone- never pushing too much -- but helping Pike socialize with other dogs as much as he ever will. We have this outgoing/happy/well-mannered dog to enjoy because of all the positive things he learned at Three Sisters. They treat each dog individually and with respect and we are so fortunate to have found Three Sisters!"

--Bob and Bettye Richardson

"We have been using 3 Sisters dog kennels for the past several years and have had great experiences with their service. Our dogs have always been well cared for and are often ready for a nap when we pick

them up. We have a dog that needs a special diet and is highly allergic to most food and also needs to be given medication during her stay and this has never been a problem. The daily price is very

reasonable and I also like that our dogs can be groomed before picking them up so they are nice and clean to take home. I highly recommend Three Sisters to anyone looking for a safe and caring place to kennel their dogs."

-Tina and Troy Palmer

"Three Sisters Boarding came highly recommended by several friends and family, so I decided to give them a try. I had never boarded any of my pets previously, so I was pretty nervous.

My dog Maggie loves going there. They have scheduled playtimes, which she looks forward to. The property is fenced, gated and secure for her protection. I am very grateful that I was referred there. I can go on vacation and truly relax and enjoy myself without feeling guilty or worrying about Maggie.

I would truly recommend Three Sisters Boarding to all of my family and friends."

-Debbie Gorman

"We have two spoiled Carin Terriors. We discovered Three Sisters about 10 years ago. When we head up their drive, our dogs always get excited, as they know they are going to see "Gina". There can be no greater recommendation than that."

-One Happy Client, Dave

"As a pet owner, I can not think of a better place for boarding my dogs. It is a very good feeling to know that they are in a safe and secure place, while I am away, that they get plenty of exercise, and are happy dogs when I come to pick them up. I am assured that someone will always be on the property watching over them. Last but not least, they love their stay and get so much attention and are so well taken care that they almost don't miss home. When I leave my dogs, at Three Sisters, I feel like I am giving them a vacation too."

-Connie, Ocean Shores

"We have been bringing our Golden retriever Lily to Three Sisters for several years. We love the care they provide . The facility is well managed , very clean and they have lots of space for excercise and supervised interaction with other dogs. It is a real family atmosphere and their love for dogs is obvious. We definitely recommend Three Sisters Dog Boarding! "

-Pete & Mary Witters and Lily

"Three Sisters should really be called the Pampered Pet Resort, rightfully so. I've had several dogs take their "vacations" there only to come home happy, tired from all the exercise and playtime, and maybe just a wee bit fatter. All of my dogs have been adopted (PAWS or rescued) so I don't know their history. Yet, they've all played well with the others and had wonderful care. It's obvious that those at 3 Sisters love what they're doing and it's a comfort for me knowing that my "critters" are being well cared for! Happy tails!


"We have been with Three Sisters Dog Sitting since the business began 16 years ago. We boarded our German Shepherds there and the large size kennel and open concept/play area suited our dog well. No concrete buildings or closed in runs. Always caring and devoted attention to our dog made our travel worry free. I can't say enough about the wonderful care that Gina and her daughters always gave. Each dog is cared for as if it were their own. Thanks Gina for always providing a 'home away from

home' for our furry family member!"

~ Debbie Holmes

"We call it doggy camp with great pleasure. Have been taking our many dogs over the years, 6 in all. First was Daisy every Monday to socialize her (my wild Newfoundland) Gina always greeted me upon my return and said how good Daisy was and "she minds so well" ...really, glad she does for you. My dogs have all loved going, they get so excited when I turn off the highway . As I drive in they can barely contain themselves. They go into the gate without leashes and don't look back. I know they get lots of play time outside and I never worry. They are well taken care of and a real treat is I have them groomed before I pick them up. My dogs and I love this place and the family."

-Marlene McCleery and Terry Swartling and our crew

"I have been taking my black lab to Three Sisters Dog Sitting ever since she was a puppy, which was five years ago, for both daycare and boarding. I started with Three Sisters thanks to a friend’s recommendation when I was looking for help with my puppy while I was at work. Isabelle, my lab, hasn’t needed doggy daycare for about 3 years, but I continue to take her at least twice a week because she loves it so much. The socialization with other dogs and the ability to get out and play during the day is really beneficial for her. She loves going to Three Sisters, her tail starts wagging the second we pull into the driveway and is still wagging when I pick her up!

Isabelle has had some health and dietary issues along the way and I am very grateful for the love and attention they have shown her. It is so comforting to know that I can leave her with people who are responsible and dependable and it gives me peace of mind to know that she is being well cared for while I’m at work or away. It is also nice to be able to pick up a clean and well-groomed dog after an extended stay at Three Sisters!

Three Sisters has become her second home and the Monroe family treats her as if she were one of their own. They are accommodating, caring, flexible and attentive and I find their prices for boarding and grooming to be more than reasonable! It has been fun being part of the Three Sisters Dog Sitting family for the last five years! They are always friendly and welcoming and they care about their clients and obviously love the dogs they work with.

--Marnie R.

"Please allow me to offer my opinion concerning Three Sisters Dog Sitting…I'm 60 years old and having had various breeds of dogs my entire life I felt so rewarded to have found Three Sisters. I currently have a border collie who is 13 years old and has stayed with Gina and the crew many times for the past five years at one point I was confined to a nursing home for 3 months as a retired single person my only option was to board for that long of period. it was a very difficult time in my life and I felt Gina new this intuitively and made my decision to leave my dog for 3 months the very best option I could have taken she showed me the quality of the facility and expanse of the farm and given that it was entirely fenced and away from any main roads made me feel really great concerning the safety factor…in terms of the facility quality it is the best I have seen very clean and provides every comfort including heat and even A/C.. however what really makes the difference as in all aspects of life are the people, Gina is so very compassionate and will care deeply for your beloved “family member” regardless of a puppy or even during the end of life time as for my dog now has cancer and Gina kept her for a day and just showed so much love and attention to my girl it made me feel good to know what great hands your dog is In.. Gina and her entire family are very kind and loving Christian people who understand the importance of care and compassion when we drop our loved ones at their door step can rest assured they do will everything possible to provide the best possible experience for your pet."

--Best regards, Don Lund

"The first 'guest' sixteen years ago at the opening of Three Sisters Dog Sitting was our wonderful dog, Chief. He stayed there for a week. When we picked him up to take him home he acted like he didn't even miss us. He obviously really enjoyed his stay. From then on we always took him there to Three Sisters Dog Sitting when we went on vacation. He was always happy when we would drop him off there for a stay. The dog we have now is a Golden Retriever and she is always excited when I drop her off at the "doggy resort". It's good to know that our pets like where they stay and that they are cared for by people who really enjoy working with dogs. I am happy to refer people to Three Sisters Dog Sitting."

--Rachel C.

"We have been boarding our dogs at Three Sisters for over 10 years. Gina and Rachel and their family take a personal interest in the dogs, their history and medical well being. When we leave our dogs there, sometimes for extended times of several weeks, we feel confident that when we return, the dogs have been safe, healthy and happy. We highly recommend this clean, affordable and caring boarding facility."

- Rex and Sam Martin

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